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Strikin’ It Rich

Today was an exciting day for the Cameron Clan!  We headed off to north Georgia so that we could pan […] …{Read More}

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A Park and a Pet Rock

We started off this morning with a visit to park.  When we got to the park they were going to […] …{Read More}

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“Some Pretty Cool Creatures”

Since moving to our home here in Georgia, there has been no shortage of interesting creatures.  Today has been no […] …{Read More}

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3D Art at the Park

Today we met with our homeschool group to work on a 3D art project.  This is a project …{Read More} …{Read More}

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{Recipe} : French Toast Sticks

I feel super accomplished!  Over the last 24 days I have made every meal at home.  Granted there have been […] …{Read More}

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{Our Homeschool Classrooms} : 2014 – 2015

Our homeschool room has changed over the years.  Back in 2011, we started with a small table, a …{Read More} …{Read More}

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Another Tooth Bites the Dust

Tonight as the boys were settling down for bed, Thing 1 was sitting there wiggling his front tooth.  He told […] …{Read More}


{School Pictures} : 2014 – 2015

Although the boys don’t go to school and I take a lot of pictures of the boys already, it is […] …{Read More}


{Recipe} : Empanadas

I have a hard time finding dinner meals that all three of my boys will eat.  To be honest, all […] …{Read More}

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