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{Rewind} : January 2016

Ok, so things have been pretty quiet this month. I had really great plans and really great intentions. Things were […] …{Read More}

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{Monthly Goals} : January 2016

Where did December go? Overall I had a great month and was able to achieve most of my goals. <span […] …{Read More}

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Reverse Engineering

Yesterday, the boys and I ventured out to meet with some other homeschoolers to do some reverse engineering. Reverse engineering […] …{Read More}

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Three Months!

On Monday, Thing 4 turned three months old. She has been growing like crazy, which means she is eating like […] …{Read More}

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{52 Hikes} : Week 4

So I am a day behind, what’s new.  Yesterday was another beautiful day, so we got out and hiked. Actually, […] …{Read More}

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{52 Hikes} : Week 3

The weather this last week definitely put our test to get a hike in each week to the test. After […] …{Read More}

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{52 Hikes} : Week 2

<div id="yui_3_16_0_1_1452824503232_2203" …{Read More} …{Read More}

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Thing 4

This week Thing 4 had her 2 month appointment, a couple of weeks late. Anyway, Thing 4 is a happy […] …{Read More}

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First Hike of 2016!

After a morning filled with school, we took a break this afternoon to enjoy our first hike of 2016. Despite […] …{Read More}

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