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Today it was warm enough for Thing 4 to enjoy her first swim in the pool. She really enjoyed it. […] …{Read More}

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7 Months!

Time is flying around here. Thing 4 just turned 7 months old. Some of her favorite things: -She loves to […] …{Read More}

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Thing 3’s Soccer

Thing 3 finished up his soccer season last weekend. I finally was able to get a few pictures of him […] …{Read More}

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Poppy’s 90th Birthday Party

Almost 2 weeks ago we all headed to South Carolina to celebrate Grandaddy Poppy’s 90th Birthday! <img class="aligncenter wp-image-6755" src="×1024.jpg?resize=442%2C667" […] …{Read More}

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Cooking & Eating

I have decided that one of my goals this summer is to teach the boys to cook and bake. I […] …{Read More}

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6 Months!

So I am a little late posting this. Thing 4 is now 6.5 months old. It is amazing how life […] …{Read More}

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Catching Up

Obviously it has been a few weeks since I have written anything. Sorry family. Life has been a little crazy […] …{Read More}

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6 Miles!

Today the boys and I headed to Raven Cliff Falls in Georgia to do a little lot of hiking. Earlier […] …{Read More}

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Thing 1 Turns 9!

Thing 1 turned 9 last week! He is such an amazing young man and I can’t wait to see what […] …{Read More}

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