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Old Capital Triathlon 2014

Last weekend I competed in my second triathlon of the season. To be honest, I haven’t been training very …{Read […] …{Read More}

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{Science} : Fingerprinting

One thing I wanted to do with our school this year is to have more fun. One area it …{Read […] …{Read More}

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Pool is Open!

One thing the boys were most excited about when we moved to our new house was the fact that we […] …{Read More}

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Trip to the Farm

Today the boys and I took an exciting field trip to a local farm. It was a great learning …{Read […] …{Read More}

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Creativity has Struck

Last week I decided that I wanted to turn our basement into an art and science lab. I’m still …{Read […] …{Read More}

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Strawberry Pickin’ & Hikin’

We had a pretty awesome day today and it included this guy. Yes, we went on a couple of field […] …{Read More}

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Boats & Aircraft

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen Thing 1′s pirate ship he built yesterday afternoon. […] …{Read More}

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Clay Boats : Round 3

Every so often I like to repeat experiments that the boys and I have done in the past. For …{Read […] …{Read More}

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{LEGO Build Challenge} : Pet

This week the kiddos were challenged to build a pet. The pet could be one they already have, one …{Read […] …{Read More}

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