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{Monthly Goals} : November

So October is over, November is upon us and life is going to get crazy with the holidays on the […] …{Read More}

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Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! Nothing like Trick or Treating in 73 degree weather. Thankfully, none of the kids had costumes that would […] …{Read More}

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Gettin’ Our Hike On

Originally the boys were suppose to play in a 3v3 soccer tournament all day long, but that fell through. (I […] …{Read More}

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{Workout Plans} : 10.10.16

In an effort to *try* to make myself more accountable to my plans, I am going to post them. Who […] …{Read More}

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90 Days, 90 Workouts

You ever need something to kick your butt into gear. I know I do. So I have come up with […] …{Read More}

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{Weekly Goals} : 10.9.16

from I can’t believe it is Sunday again. It seems like the weeks fly by and I am always scurrying […] …{Read More}

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Soccer Saturday

Guess where we spent yesterday morning?!?!? Oh, that’s right it isn’t hard to figure out that we spent it at […] …{Read More}

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{ 2016 } : 11

…{Read More} …{Read More}

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{2016 } : 10

…{Read More} …{Read More}

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