The Honest Truth

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

September has not gone as I had hoped, thought or planned. Heck, August didn’t go as I had hoped, thought, or planned either. It has been forever since I have had a good workout. It has been since the end of July since I have lifted weights. I have only run 2 times since the end of July too. It seems that life has just been in the way. Preparing for school, adult vacation, soccer tournaments, traveling for the solar eclipse, traveling for weddings, traveling for a funeral, Tropical Storm Irma and a few other things.

I need routine. I need sleep. All the travel and things have disrupted both of those things. I had big plans at the beginning of September to get back into the swing of things, but that just didn’t happen. I have excuses, but ultimately I just didn’t do what I needed to do to get it done. I am hoping that this week things return to “normal,” so that I can get back into my routine.

When I was working out daily, I felt better. I had more energy. I ate better. What I have noticed over the last month and a half is that when I don’t feel as good or am low on energy, I tend to eat stuff that I know my body doesn’t like. Then, of course, I feel like crap, Which leads me to eat or drink stuff to give me energy that isn’t necessarily good for me. So, then I feel like crap and the cycle continues. Ultimately I am just tired and feel like crap.  Good times! NOT.

I am hoping that this week we will get back into a regular routine. I spent some time this weekend getting organized. I have cut our schedule down to only the “must” activities for the week so that I can spend some time getting the boys back a routine and re-establish some of the structure that we need to have productive homeschool days. It will also allow me to re-establish my workout routine.

The other part of my lack of healthy lifestyle is healthy eating. Healthy eating has not just been missing for me, but also for the kids. Before we moved to Georgia, the kids ate a variety of things, healthy things. Now all I feel like they eat is chicken nuggets and it is making me sick. So over the next few months I will slowly re-train the kids taste buds. I have a feeling their might be a few hungry kids over the next few months, but they won’t starve.

I know it will take a few months to convert everyone back to a healthier lifestyle. If I tried to change everything at once, I would be overwhelmed and the boys will revolt. They may go hungry a few times, but I can’t deal with a full on revolt by four kiddos without losing my mind.

Hopefullly nothing else will be thrown our way and my well laid plans can go into effect. Ha Ha! Wish me luck!

It always seems impossible until it is done.