{Soccer} : 9.23.17 & Clemson Fun

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Raising My Clan

We were lucky again this Saturday and all three boys played at the same time. This allowed Daddy Cameron to take all the kiddos to the Clemson game.

Thing 1’s team played a close game. They lost 4-5.

Thing 2’s team won a 6-1. He played in both the goal and on the field. I didn’t get any good pictures of him today. Daddy Cameron did say he hit the post with a shot during the second half.

Thing 3’s team lost 3-6. He had a great game and it was great to see him get some playing time.

Once the games were over, Daddy Cameron and all the kids headed to the Clemson game.

Thing 4 took a little nap with her goalkeeper gloves and ball in the car.

They also had a cookie cake to celebrate Thing 2’s upcoming birthday.

It was a long but fun day.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!