Park Fun!

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Raising My Clan

After a chilly and windy days yesterday, the kids and I headed out to meet lots of new friends at a local park. The boys have been dying to take their NERF guns to a park to play, so today they did.

However, Thing 4 was not having it. I think the sweet girl is getting sick. She loves to play at parks, but today she played very little. Of the three hours we were at the park, she spent most of the time in my arms.

It became even more evident tonight that she isn’t feeling well when she did not play at the park at all during soccer practice. Also, when we got home tonight, she asked to got to bed. That never happens. Hopefully after a good night sleep she will feel better in the morning.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!