Learning about Piet Mondrian

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

About a month ago, the boys and I resurrected one of the homeschool groups we had started when we first moved here to Georgia. Until today we had only been meeting for park dates. Small steps, because to be honest, I wasn’t so sure about starting a group again. It is a lot of thankless work at times.

Today, we had our first event at our house. December weather can be iffy, you just never know what you are going to get.

Today’s meeting was an art inspired meeting where we learned a little about the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. Then we created Mondrian inspired art. A lot of it was Christmas inspired, however, some of the kids chose their own designs.

Watercolor paper
Black Crayon
Paint (we used tempera paint)


  1. Choose you desired shape and using a pencil trace it onto your paper.
  2. Use a ruler and a pencil to create horizontal and vertical lines through the shape.
  3. Use a black crayon to trace over you pencil lines. Press hard.
  4. Paint away!

While some kids kept with the Christmas theme, others created their own design.

Overall, the kids had a great time and created some awesome artwork.

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