Building with Candy

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Raising My Clan

Today we had our homeschool group over to do some building using gumdrops, mini marshmallows and toothpicks. While the boys have done this activity in the past, this was the first time for Thing 4. It was also the first time to do this activity with a group.

Our the boys decided to work individually, instead of in a group, which doesn’t surprise me too much. They *might* be a little competitive. However, they did talk with their friends while they built.

Thing 1’s tower ended up being the largest at 12 inches tall.

Thing 2’s tower was right in the middle around 8 inches, but he did have some “help” from Thing 4. He was a really good sport about letting her help him.

Thing 3’s tower was by far the most stable. I was really impressed with how well he did all on own his own.

Along with “helping” Thing 2, Thing 4 might have eaten a few pieces of candy.

After about an hour of building fun, the kids enjoyed two more hours of play time outside with their friends. They played on the zipline, hiked through our woods and played some other game (I have no idea exactly what it was, but they knew.)

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!