Edible Christmas Tree Craft

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Homeschooling

As part of our holiday party for our homeschool group last week we made edible Christmas trees cones.

Sugar ice cream cones
Frosting (dye it green)
Sprinkles/edible decorations
Paper plate
Knife or spoon

1. Place the sugar cone upside down on the plate.

2. Use the green frosting to cover your upside down ice cream cone.

3. Add sprinkles and edible decorations to your cone.

4. Enjoy!

Other adaptations:
You can use piping bags to decorate your tree also.

This activity was great for kids of all ages. While it can be a little messy (sprinkles anyone), the kids really enjoyed decorating their tree. However, I believe eating it was the highlight for most of them.

What edible activities have you done for Christmas?