2018 Goals

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Getting Fit

The past is in the past, it is time to look toward the future.

While 2017 was a bit of a disappointment, I am ready to take on 2018. I could sit and dwell on the past or I can plan to make 2018 amazing. I am going to make 2018 amazing.

My 2018 Fitness Goals:

1. Continue my run streak – As of today I am at 46 days, I want to go for 365 days. Since I have started this streak there have been days that I have felt like doing nothing, but the thought of my streak has motivated me to get out there every day and at least knock out a mile. Usually after that mile I feel better. So if it takes a run streak to do it, I am going to keep it, and go big.

2. 365 Mile Challenge – This goal goes hand in hand with my run streak. However, this is as much about getting my kids outside every day to move a mile as it is about me moving at least a mile each day.

3. 52 Hike Challenge – Hiking was something the kids and I really didn’t get to do enough of last year and this year I plan to change it. There are so many benefits to being outdoors on a regular basis.

4. 100 hours of yoga – There are so many benefits to yoga that I just need, both mentally and physically, so my goal is at least 100 hours of yoga.

Bring on 2018!

What are your goals for 2018?