{Monday Mileage} : 2.5

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Fitness

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t get in all my planned workouts. However, I did manage to keep my running streak alive.

I am now at 82 days!

While there are many days I just don’t feel like getting out there and running because of the cold, this run streak makes me get out there and do it. In all honesty, I think this run streak has really helped with my Seasonal Affective Disorder. While I have struggled a little bit, it has been no where as bad as it has been in the past.

I also think our 52 hike challenge has helped too. I mean, I am forcing myself to get outside in nature at least once a week.

I added 7.3 more miles to my mileage this week. Leaving me with a total of 49 miles for the year. All my miles this week were running miles. I didn’t get any hiking miles this week because we didn’t get out for a hike this week. Here is a breakdown of my miles so far for the year.

Run – 39 miles
Hike – 9 miles
Walk – 1 mile

The weather is going to warm up some this week, so I am hoping to get in a few more miles.

What do your miles look like?