Hike & Zoo

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Adventures

On Friday, the weather was beautiful. Sixty degrees and sunny. Since the weekend was calling for lots of rain, and there was a good chance that the boys’ soccer tournament was going to get cancelled, I decided that we needed to get out and expend some energy. So on a whim we headed out to a trail about an hour from the house.

To start our hike, Thing 4 joined her brothers and walked along the trail.

She also wanted to join the boys as they walked, jumped and climbed along the water.

Eventually, Thing 4 decided that she was ready to ride in the backpack, which was a good choice as we headed up some hills.

One neat feature of this hike was a huge rock wall that was built by a 75 year old man. The boys thought they could climb the wall. Umm, not so much. Maybe if we stayed a little longer, but Thing 4 was so ready to see some animals.

Once we finished our 2 mile hike, we headed over to a small zoo that is located on the property. The zoo houses about 10-15 animals, which are native to Georgia and not able to be released back into the wild for some reason or another.

Thing 4 loved this part. She loves animals and was actually very upset when we had to leave.

For a spur of the moment, free day of adventure, we all had a great time.

Just another day Raising the Cameron Clan!