{2018} : Hike 6 : Birchmore Trail

Written by Mommy Cameron

By Mommy Cameron | Fitness

On Friday afternoon, the kids and I decided to enjoy the 60 degree and sunny weather by heading to Athens, Georgia for an impromptu hike. We went to Memorial Park and hiked the Birchmore Trail, which just so happens to be next to the Bear Hollow Zoo.

While this hike is not long, there were a few places that criss crossed each other, thus adding a little bit of distance to the hike. We ended up with 2 miles by the time we were done exploring.

The trail is named for Fred Birchmore, who my boys noted, did a lot of cool stuff. He built the Great Wall of Athens when he was 75. He rode is bike around the world. He lived to be 100 years old. He was a pretty cool guy and the boys actually found his story pretty interesting.

After our hike the kids and I went to the Bear Hollow Zoo. Thing 4 loved this part of our adventure. The best part for me was that it was free!

Where have you hiked lately?