Meet the Family




Daddy Cameron

Daddy Cameron is my hero, an amazing husband, father and provider. He is our biggest fans in everything that the boys and I do.  Despite his crazy travel schedule he makes sure that we know we are top priority.




EnnisBluebonnets 026


Thing 1

Thing 1 is our oldest child in our clan.  He is the most inquisitive and imaginative child.  He is not afraid to ask questions, and he will keep asking until he is given an answer that will satisfy his curiosity.



EnnisBluebonnets 067


Thing 2

Thing 2 is the most lovable and affectionate of the clan.  He knows when you are upset and is the first to come and give you a hug.




EnnisBluebonnets 139


Thing 3


He is our most mischievous child by far.  He is always looking for trouble or adventure.  He climbed to the top of the refrigerator when he was two.





Thing 4

Our surprise! Although she wasn’t expected, she has brought so much joy to our lives and knows how to give the boys a run for their money. We are going to be in trouble when she gets older.


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