Girls Trip to Phoenix

Over the weekend Thing 4 and I headed off to Phoenix, Arizona for the weekend. We went for the celebration of …{Read More}

2017 Goals

Ok, so I didn’t keep my promise to blog more. Let’s just be real, I have become terrible at blogging. …{Read More}

December Hikes

Over the last few days the family and I have been on two hikes.

Tuesday, the kids and I headed out for …{Read More}

Christmas 2016

This Christmas was a big hit with the boys and also probably one of the most exciting for the adults. …{Read More}

November Catch Up

Things have been crazy busy and I am way behind, so what’s new. So here is a very quick update …{Read More}

{Monthly Goals} : November


So October is over, November is upon us and life is going to get crazy with the holidays on the …{Read More}

Halloween 2016


Happy Halloween!

Nothing like Trick or Treating in 73 degree weather. Thankfully, none of the kids had costumes that would make …{Read More}

Gettin’ Our Hike On


Originally the boys were suppose to play in a 3v3 soccer tournament all day long, but that fell through. (I …{Read More}

{Workout Plans} : 10.10.16


In an effort to *try* to make myself more accountable to my plans, I am going to post them. Who …{Read More}

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